Back to School!

As we close the door on another summer and head back to school, please keep a few things in mind.

* School zone speeds are not a suggestion…SLOW DOWN!
* More pedestrian traffic around schools, so stay ALERT & OFF YOUR PHONE!
* Watch kids around bus stops…they can & will do the unexpected.
* Talk to your young drivers about leaving early & giving yourself the luxury of TIME!
* Follow the 3 S’s….SPACE / SLOW DOWN / SEATBELTS…..Give yourself plenty of room to react to the unknown. Speed is costly in more ways than one…SLOW DOWN! Seatbelts save lives….BUCKLE UP!

Have a great school year and don’t forget if your going to need driver education during the school year to plan ahead & register early! At ADA we work very well with crazy school schedules, but give yourself a cushion & don’t wait until the last minute to get through the program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Stephanie or Sharon at 335-2226. We are the only driver training school in Aiken County with a full time “staffed” office. Stop by or call anytime Mon – Fri from 9-3pm.

Thank you again for choosing Aiken Driving Academy!