January News / Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from ADA!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holidays and you’re now working hard towards making those resolutions come true. Here at ADA we have been blessed to have the most amazing parents & students come through our programs & in 2017 we look forward to adding your name to the list of success stories.

As we’ve always said, please do not wait until your teen driver has waited his/hers 180 days & then look for a driver education program. Per SC Law, all 15 & 16 yr old drivers must complete a driver education program & we want to encourage you to contact us as soon as you obtain their permit at the DMV to get all of the information about when to start, cost, scheduling, etc.

We are excited about working with you & your teen in 2017! Good training is not about a certificate, but rather quality time with instructors that are knowledgeable & caring. Don’t just choose a driving school based on speed of completion & because they’re cheap. Choose one based on QUALITY & PROFESSIONALISM because like everything…..YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!