Course Descriptions

Aiken Driving Academy offers several programs. Below you will find those programs, descriptions, & course fees. We have listed websites at the bottom that may also be helpful in your search for information and state licensing requirements.

Driver Education
Driver Education is 8 hours of classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel training. This is required for any driver under the age of 17 in SC. If a driver is 17+ then taking driver ed is no longer a requirement, but the driver will still receive their certificate for an insurance discount (check with your agent). The best way to look at driver education is in two parts. The classroom is done on one day, 9-5pm (check sign up tab for dates) and then you call the office the following week or at the time you register to start scheduling your driving sessions. Depending on how busy your student is, you may want to start looking for class dates early and get that part out of the way. Students only need to bring their permit and $5 for lunch (unless providing their own) on class day. Parents must sign the student contract for any student under the age of 18.

Basic Package $325 – Driver Ed ONLY!
With this package you will receive the driver education course which includes the classroom and the driving sessions. You can choose to test with us for a fee of $55 or you can go to the DMV in your own vehicle after you complete the course at no additional cost.

Preferred Package / $375
This is driver education & your road test.

Preferred Plus Package / $425
With the PLUS package we will come pick up the student on test day and bring them to the office. HOWEVER….after the test we will return them home & NOT TO THE DMV like we would do with the Premium Package. Please note the differences in the 3 test packages.

Premium Package / $450


Package Descriptions / Differences

Preferred – driver ed + test – Parent brings student to ADA office for test

Preferred Plus – driver ed + test – ADA will pick up student on test day, bring to ADA to test, & then bring them home

Premium – driver ed + test – ADA will pick up student, test, then take to DMV (if passed), & then return student home with their license

*To register your student for Preferred PLUS, you must register by phone at 335-2226 OR Email us at

Premium Package $450 / effective Jan 1, 2017
This is driver ed + your road test + transportation on your test day to and from the test & even to the DMV to obtain your license provided the DMV is open. This is most popular with our working parents who can’t afford to take time off work to test and then possibly more to get to the DMV. *ADA will only transport to the DMV if open on the same day as the test and a $35 fee will be applied to anyone living outside Aiken County for this package only.

ADA provides behind-the-wheel lesson packages for those who do not need/want the full driver education program. Please note that there are no insurance discounts associated with lessons, only with driver ed or 8 hour defensive driving courses. Our lessons are one-on-one and last one hour. A two-lesson minimum is necessary for adequate assessment prior to testing. Additional lessons available at a discounted rate after purchase of package.

Lessons $95/hour

Lesson Package 1 – $225 (2 lessons + test)
Lesson Package 2 – $295 (3 lessons + test)
Test Only – $75
*Extra lessons or retests are $75 (based on 1 hour)

Defensive Driving (Insurance Discount Class) – $125

Package Details in our Preferred and Premium Packages are subject change. You will be notified by email with changes, or you may contact us to verify any package details.


Defensive Driving ($125)
ADA offers 8 hour defensive driving courses for insurance deductions. ADA is certified to offer the point reduction course, but currently does not. If you’re interested in our 8 hour defensive driving for an insurance deduction or maybe your employer is requiring you to complete because of a citation then this is the course you would take. These are held at the same time as our driver ed classroom dates. Please go to the sign up tab to view available dates & then on the payment page you can select defensive driving ($95). A certificate will be provided to you that day upon successful completion.


3rd Party Testing
Students who successfully pass their road proficiency test with ADA have 30 days to obtain their restricted license from a SC DMV branch. ADA is a certified 3rd party testing location in SC. We can test any NEW student in SC provided they have had their SC permit for the required 180 days (as applicable). Testing is separate from driver ed and is scheduled separately, although ADA will ATTEMPT to schedule your road test within 24-72 hours of completing driver education to maximize your retention and increase your odds of passing. Parents must accompany their student driver to the testing location on test day and sign the required documents if the student driver is under 18 years old. You may test at either of our locations when scheduling your test regardless of where you took your classroom training. Test times vary, but You should allow approximately 75 minutes for the test process.

Helpful Links
SC Department of Public Safety / SC Highway Patrol –
SC Department of Motor Vehicles –
GA Department of Motor Vehicles –
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration –
SC National Safety Council / Alive at 25 –

*Alive at 25 is taught at Aiken Tech the 2nd Saturday of every month (check course calendar for actual dates). Course fee for Alive at 25 is $35 & you must register at or by contacting SCNSC directly at 803-732-6778. This program is not in conjunction with ADA or our driver ed program. However, ADA highly recommends Alive at 25 as an additional resource to parents and young drivers to enhance their training as young drivers.