1. When do I have to take Driver Education? When do I register?
Any 15 or 16 year old must complete driver education, be enrolled in school, & drive 40 hours with their parents (10 at night). These are the three requirements for the Graduated Driver License Program (GDL). Once a student obtains their permit and if the student plans to take the road test as soon as they meet the 180 day requirement, then they must finish driver ed within that 180 days. However, driver ed may be started at any time once the learner’s permit has been acquired and finished at the student’s pace.. You can come within the first couple months so that our instructors can take the student out and give them feedback on what to be working on for the next few months OR you can wait until month five and condense all your training leading right up to your test date which must be after the 180 day waiting period.

Please do not wait until you’ve had your permit for 6 months or longer to call and find out about our programs and schedule. As soon as you get your permit, contact us and get the information you need to stay on schedule. The average time in SC to complete a driver education program is 2-4 weeks and the summer months are the busiest. Get your permit……CALL ADA!

2. When can my teen driver take the driving test?
All “new” drivers in the state must wait 180 days (6 months) before being eligible to take the road test. If they’re in the GDL (15 or 16 yoa) then they must also meet the three requirements shown in Q1 before testing. ADA is a 3rd party testing location therefore you can choose to test with us for a small fee or you may still choose to test at a DMV location. ADA has two packages that include testing. Please see the Course Description page or contact us for further detail

3. What is the state requirement for driver education?
Driver ed in SC is 8 hours of classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel. The classroom is done in one day & then the student completes either 2/3 hour sessions or 3/2 hour sessions to equal 6 hours.

4. Will my teen driver be driving with other students or one on one with an instructor?
At Aiken Driving Academy, all driver training behind the wheel is ONE ON ONE!

5. How much is driver education? Do you provide lunch on class day?
ADA has three packages, two of which include testing ranging from $325 to $450. Please see the Course Description page or contact us for further details.
ADA does serve lunch. If you require a special diet, please make your own arrangements on your class day. Pizza is normally ordered & a drink is included for $5. your lunch fee can be brought to class or you can add it to your tuition if registering over the phone.

6. Can my son/daughter use our vehicle on the road test even if we test at ADA?
No, if you want to use your own vehicle you will need to do your testing at the SC DMV.

7. Do you provide lessons if I don’t need the classroom?
Yes, lessons are available at $75/hr or you may select from one of our packages. See “course descriptions tab” for package prices.

8. Does driver education save me money on my insurance?
Yes, it is one of the few discounts a 15-24 year old driver is eligible for. Contact your agent for exact discounts you may be eligible for.

9. What type of payment options do I have?
All major credit cards & cash are accepted. NO CHECKS! Payment is required at the time you register unless other arrangements have been made. Without payment, your registration is not complete and your seat is not guaranteed. A deposit of $150 can be made to reserve your seat. Please contact our office for deposit details/restrictions that may apply.

10. How do I register for a class?
Click on the sign up tab or class schedule tab. Or you may contact us to register by phone at 335-2226. Once your registration is complete (payment must be made to complete registration), you will receive an email confirmation withing 1 to 2 business days.You will receive an email confirmation after your payment has been made and your registration complete

11. Who is instructing my teen driver?
Aiken Driving Academy was founded by Steve Deibel, former Deputy Sheriff & Traffic Safety Coordinator with the National Safety Council. Steve has specifically worked with teen drivers since 2007 and has a passion for their success behind the wheel in ensuring they understand not only what the DMV will test them on, but how to beat the odds & stay alive! “It’s all about changing their attitude towards driving and helping them understand that it can happen to them!” ADA has a fantastic staff of caring, professional men & women who are dedicated to helping your teen stay safe behind the wheel.

12. When can I take the road test at the DMV OR at Aiken Driving Academy?
Any new driver regardless of age can attempt to take their road proficiency test after waiting 180 days from the date their permit was issued. A new driver can attempt that test at any DMV Branch Office or at a 3rd Party Testing location like ADA.

13. Is there a better location to test…..DMV or ADA?
ADA tests almost all of our driver ed students because most are more comfortable testing with who trained them. However, it is truly your choice as to where you prefer testing. There is no guarantee of passing at either location.

14. Will the DMV or ADA test in the rain?
The DMV & ADA will test in the rain, but depending on the severity of the rain the Test Examiner at any location will make the final decison as safety is the key factor. If weather is an issue, ADA recommends you contact our office prior to arriving for your scheduled test.

15. What do I need when I go to the DMV to take my road test?
Aiken Driving Academy will provide you with all the paperwork needed based on your age. Different forms are needed if you’re in the GDL Program (15 or 16 yoa). Most important item to bring is your PERMIT!

16. How much will my license cost when I pass the road test?
When you pass your road test, you will be issued a new driver license. If you’re under 17 you will receive a 5 year license ($12.50) and 17+ you will receive a 10 year license ($25).

17. Do I have any recourse against a driving school if my student fails the road test?
NO! Driver ed through any training school in SC clearly states in your contract (you sign at registration) that they are not responsible for any student’s success or failure on their road test. . However, Aiken Driving Academy will provide feedback after each driving session to the parents on what was taught and how the student performed. This feedback will ensure that everyone is on the same page moving forward and to minimize unrealistic expectations.

18. Under what circumstances would I be eligible for a refund?
Just like any business, you will receive a full or partial refund if services are not rendered based on the contract you and ADA enter in too. In some cases you begin driver ed and then relocate or for a number or reasons you no longer need our services. You would then receive a partial refund for the services not yet performed.

19. Can I just take Driver’s Ed?
Yes, just select the Basic Package when signing up.

20. What if I still have questions?
If you still have questions you can call us Monday through Friday 803-335-2226 or email Stephanie Dabbs (General Manager) at aikendrivingacademystephanie@gmail.com

Thank you again for choosing Aiken Driving Academy!