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Driver Education 101 – If you’re 15 or 16 you must take a driver ed course. 17 or older are not legally required, but it is helpful in passing the road test & is good for an insurance discount. You must have your permit for 180 days before testing, but we recommend you register for driver ed around 90-120 days into the 180 days if you want to ensure you’re done and ready to test when you’re eligible at 180. Please read the course descriptions & class schedule pages before registering and when you’re ready…..Click Sign Up!

Defensive Driving 101 – This is not point reduction and NOT for 15 or 16 year old drivers. If you need point reduction, please contact Aiken Tech. If you are mandated by a Judge to take an 8 hour defensive driving course to get help on a ticket then this may work for you. Georgia & Virginia Judge’s will accept our certs. If you are simply looking for an insurance discount and you’re 17+ yoa then this is what you need. This is NOT an ADSAP Program (DUI mandated course).

Again, please make sure you read the Class Schedule & Course Description pages and if you have any questions about driver ed or defensive driving, email us BEFORE registering for a course. ALL SALES ARE FINAL & NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR REGISTRATION ERRORS. If you register for a class date & need to change it to another date due to a conflict, that’s fine. Simply email us and we’ll move your registration to another class date.

Thank you again for choosing ADA….We’ll see you down the road!