3rd Party Testing – DMV Referrals (NOT FOR ADA DRIVER ED STUDENTS)

Due to COVID procedures the DMV is referring new drivers and those needing to test/re-test to 3rd Party Testing Providers. If you have been referred to us by the DMV and need to take the SC Road Test, please fill out the form below and ADA will notify you by email with our next available test slot. We only test on Sunday’s and our availability is limited. Please make sure the email you provide below is one that you check “often” as this is how ADA will communicate with you. Please note, that if you’re 15/16 years of age, you’re required by law to complete Driver Education, so if this applies to you, please click on Sign Up to register for that course. If you’re 17 yoa or older, you are NOT required to complete driver ed unless you’re looking for the training and insurance discount.

ADA TEST FEE IS $100 (CASH ONLY) DUE ON YOUR TEST DATE PRIOR TO TESTING. ADA does not guarantee that you’ll pass your test. Drivers must be prepared on their own to test and understand what elements will be required to successfully pass. Information about the SC Road Test is located on the DMV website at scdmvonline.com