3rd Party Testing – DMV Referrals (NOT FOR ADA DRIVER ED STUDENTS)

Due to the COVID procedures at the DMV, finding a test slot is tough, so the DMV has expanded the types of cases 3rd Party Testers like ADA can test. Please fill out the form below and ADA will notify you by email with our next available test slot. Check your email as you’ll typically have a response to your request within hours on the same day and slots are not held, so the faster you reply to us, the sooner we can get you scheduled for your test.

This page is NOT for 15/16 year olds. If you’re on this page interested in testing then you’re 17 years or older and not required to take Driver Ed. However, all new drivers regardless of age must wait 180 days before being able to take the Skills Test from the “initial” issue date on their permit. If you’re not sure about having to wait 180 days, please email us at aikendrivingacademy@gmail.com before filling out the form below. Again, if you’re 15/16 years old, this form is NOT for you as you must complete Driver Ed before testing per SC Law.

OUR TEST FEE IS $100 (CASH ONLY) DUE ON YOUR TEST DATE PRIOR TO TESTING. ADA does not guarantee that you’ll pass your test. Drivers must be prepared on their own to test and understand what elements/skills will be required to successfully pass. Information about the SC Road Test is located on the DMV website at scdmvonline.com

**Very Important** – If you have attempted the SC Road Test at the DMV or another 3rd Party Tester and failed (once or twice) you must wait two weeks before attempting again. If you have failed more than twice, a two “month” waiting period is required. If you’re in a waiting period, please fill out the form below and request a slot, but also send us an email explaining the number of times you’ve failed and when your current waiting period expires.