August News!

Please remember that August is back to school time and that means “school zones”. Speeding fines can be doubled in some jurisdictions for speeding in a school zone, so please slow down and obey the posted speeds when those signs are flashing. Also, please remind your teens about their drive times. These are non-negotiable and currently if a 15 or 16 year old is driving on a restricted license they can only drive from 6a – 8pm & 6a – 6p non day light savings. If they are 16 and have applied for and have a School/Work Waiver, then they can legally operate until midnight for that purpose….school or work NOT to & from their friends house. They can also only have 2 passengers. Crashes after dark involving teens with multiple passengers are more serious or even fatal statistically. PARENTS…BE PARENTS & STOP LETTING YOUR TEENS VIOLATE THESE RESTRICTIONS! THEY ARE IN PLACE FOR A REASON….THEIR SAFETY!