Class Schedule

NA OFFICE UPDATE! Our NA office is scheduled to be officially closed on June 1st & ALL operations will be held out of our main Aiken location moving forward. We are still serving the NA area, but with the office closing it simply means you have to drive to Aiken for your classroom & test dates only. ADA will still be coming to you on your driving dates.
Once you register online, you will receive a confirmation immediately stating that your payment was received and instructions for your classroom session date. If you don’t see, “Thank you for your registration & payment”, please email and advise us so we can check on your payment & provide you with the necessary information regarding your registration. PLEASE DO NOT TRY YOUR CARD AGAIN UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED BY ADA THAT YOUR PAYMENT DID NOT GO THROUGH TO AVOID A 2ND CHARGE. You will not receive any further communication prior to your class date. On the checkout page you will see all the instructions regarding your class date, please print this page. However, in case you missed it…here it is!

1. Class is from 9am – 5pm (doors open at 8:45am…do not arrive earlier)
2. Parents need to escort their students inside if under 18 yoa to receive orientation paperwork. Then parents are free to leave and return for their student at 5pm.
3. Students only need to bring their permit (if they have one) & $5 for lunch unless they are bringing their own or made other lunch arrangements. $5 is for pizza & drink(s).

Classroom sessions are held at our Aiken office located at 831 Neilson St Aiken, 29803 (off Daughtery Rd in the old Burns Dance Studio building).

Class Schedule
September 29 – Registration Open
October Dates – Will post soon

Effective 8/27, students & parents will select their drive times & test date online. An online invitation will be sent via email within 48 hours after the classroom session. Once you receive the invite you can go ahead and “REQUEST” your dates/times for the 3 driving sessions. ADA will review your request to ensure we have not overlooked any conflicts on our end and if not, you’ll receive an “ACCEPT” notification. If “DECLINED” it simply means ADA has had a last minute issue and that time is no longer available. Once you have 3 ACCEPTS for the drives, then you can schedule your test date/time. Please note, a student can not test until they have held their permit for 180 days. If you select a test date sooner than that and test, your will be turned away at the DMV when trying to obtain your restricted license for not waiting the full 180 days. A very descriptive handout is provided to the parents when you drop your student off on the classroom day. Due to parking restrictions here at the office, parents only need to come in and pick up the handout and then return at 5pm to pick up their student.

Thank you for choosing ADA!