REMINDER TO PARENTS! Please don’t let your guard down during the summer months with your teen driver. Those new drivers with less than 1 year of experience should not have more than 2 passengers and minimize night time driving. Statistically crashes involving teens after dark when they are driving with multiple passengers are more serious or even fatal. Please don’t take teen driving for granted….the results of bad decisions behind the wheel are REAL!

Our goal is to provide your teen driver with the necessary tools to enhance their driving skills above what you the parent have provided. Students pass their road test here at ADA on the 1st attempt 91% of the time because we have a proven system to help them conquer the test! Our program is not just about getting a certificate, it’s about saving lives through education and training. Do you really want to settle for a driving school that simply processes your teen through to meet a requirement? Parents I know want their teens to have an advantage on the road & that comes from quality, professional training. The advantage is ADA!