Course Descriptions

Below are the basic descriptions of each of our programs here at ADA. If you are 15 or 16 you are required to take Driver Ed. ADA no longer offers the driving test. All driver ed students will test at the DMV when eligible and ready.

Driver Education

Basically, this is a required course per state law for 15 & 16 year olds seeking to operate solo before age 17. When you register for the course you’re selecting the classroom date only. There is no driving that date and no need to already have a permit either, but if you attend without a permit you obviously wouldn’t begin your driving portion until you had obtained it & had practiced for at least 3 months of your 180 day practice period. Once you complete the classroom date, ADA will contact you and schedule your 3 driving sessions with one of our instructors. After your 3rd drive the student will have been shown the required elements that will be asked on the road test by the DMV Examiners. There is no guarantee the student will pass their road test. ADA Instructors will simply be demonstrating the elements that will be graded and the student as has always been the case, is responsible for practicing and demonstrating those elements on the test in order to pass. ADA will provide students under 17 yoa with their required PDLA form after the 3rd driving session is completed. All driving sessions are up to 2 hours in length and the classroom day is 9am – 5pm. Students can bring their own lunch or if you choose to eat pizza, please bring $5 for lunch which includes a drink.

Students under 17 years of age must have completed 40 hours behind the wheel with a licensed driver 21 years or older, be enrolled in school, & have completed driver ed before eligible to test. All drivers, regardless of age must wait 180 days before eligible to take the road test.

Defensive Driving Course

This is NOT point reduction & we recommend you contact Aiken Tech if looking for point reduction. This course is for an insurance discount or is court mandated for you to complete an 8 hour defensive driving class. There is no driving and you will be provided your certificate at the end of the class.

We do not offer private lessons or any other driver related services.

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