Course Descriptions

Driver Education
Driver Education is 8 hours of classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel training. This is required for any driver under the age of 17 in SC. Student drivers 17+ can still take driver ed and receive the same quality training to prepare them for the SC Road Test. All students completing the program will receive a certificate for your insurance discount.

The best way to look at driver education is in two parts. The classroom is done on one day 9-5pm (always a Saturday), and then the student will do 3 behind the wheel driving sessions. We will schedule them for all 3 sessions & their test date when we schedule. You should receive your dates within 7 days of your classroom date. Students only need to bring their permit and $5 for lunch (unless providing their own) on the class day. Students are not eligible to take the SC Road Test until they’ve held their permit for 180 days. Driving sessions are scheduled as close to the eligibility/test date as possible so to minimize them forgetting what is going to be asked of them on the road test. Again, those 3 driving sessions and the Road Test will be scheduled within 7 days from their classroom session. Typically, due to the volume of students at ADA, it takes an average of 3-5 weeks to finish our program. This varies based on the student’s availability & of course their 180 day eligibility date. Basically, if you have a 15 or 16 year old, driver education is what you select.

Driver Education Package $375 – Package includes the SC Road Test

Defensive Driving (Insurance Discount Class) – $150 – THIS IS NOT A POINT REDUCTION CLASS. OUR CLASS IS FOR INSURANCE DISCOUNT OR COURT MANDATED DEFENSIVE DRIVING ONLY. On the Sign Up page, you will select the Defensive Driving ONLY option instead of Driver Ed on the Sign Up Page and select a date. This course is held in conjunction with our Driver Ed class dates. There is no driving with our Defensive Driving Course. If you are 17 yoa or older and need behind the wheel training, but do not want to take driver education, we no longer offer those individual lessons. Please contact another driving school in your area if you need lessons only.

POINT REDUCTION IS HELD AT AIKEN TECH. Please contact Aiken Tech directly for class date & cost information. ADA does not have information about Aiken Tech programs & fees.

*Just remember, if you’re 15 or 16 years of age you need driver education. If you’re 17 or older you CAN take driver ed, but are NOT required by law. Defensive driving ONLY is for those not required to take driver ed and simply want an insurance discount or received a ticket and the court is mandating you complete an 8 hour class to receive a reduction.