Driver Ed

*Driver Ed is a required course for 15/16 yoa. It is an option for any age driver who is seeking to get their license and needs help with passing the SC Road Test. The course will also provide a insurance discount upon completion. Simply put, if you only have a permit, this is the course you need. Defensive Driving is only for those WITH a license already. If you’re 15 or 16 yoa, Drive Ed is REQUIRED before you can get your restricted license. In SC, 17 yoa or older are not restricted and have full driving privileges. So, if you want to drive solo before age 17, register for driver ed.

Driver Ed is $325 and does NOT include the SC Road Test. If you would like to test at ADA there is a fee of $75. Please note that each test attempt at ADA is $75, but you can go to the DMV for no charge if you choose not the pay the fee. ADA does offer a skills review included in the $75 fee in the event of a re-test. Driving sessions & test date(s) are scheduled after the classroom date close to the students 180 eligibility date. When you register you are selecting the date for the classroom session and that can be done at any time/when it’s convenient for you. ADA recommends you register and get into the program no later than 90 days from the date your permit was issued. This leaves you plenty of time for taking the class and getting your drives in just in case your student is extremely busy.

1. Must have a SC Permit for 180 days
2. 15/16 yoa must be enrolled in school & have 40 hours of practice with parent
3. Must complete driver ed
4. *17 or older only have to wait the 180 days before being eligible to test

You must register on the Sign Up page to reserve your seat. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to register. Your balance is due on the class date in cash as we do not accept checks or cards.

On class day, a parent must sign their student in if the student is 15-17 yoa. Everything you need to know about driver ed & testing is covered in class. Parents should plan on the course taking 4-6 weeks from class date, but this is based mainly on the students availability. Only being able to drive after school & Saturday’s “CAN” extend your time in the program. Being able to drive during the school day helps the student finish sooner. *Driver ed will typically take 7-9 weeks if you start in the months of June – August as summer is the busiest time of the year. If you’ve waiting to take the course and are now in a hurry to finish up, please do not register until you email us about your personal timeline. ADA does pick up on your driving sessions from home or school, but class & test days are held at our ADA office located at 831 Neilson St in Aiken.

Testing – ADA is a licensed Third Party Testing location and will administer your student’s SC Road Test (Skills Test). After passing the SC Road Test the student has 30 days to go to any DMV branch to get their license. Every student testing outside the DMV is subject to being retested when going to get their license having tested outside the agency (DMV). This legal process is called a “Random Recall.” A parent/guardian must accompany students on test day at ADA to sign test paperwork unless the student is 18 yoa or older. As of October 1, 2019, testing here at ADA is separate from Driver Ed and your test fee of $75 is paid on your test day or you may finish driver ed and go the DMV where your test is free. All of this will be covered again for you on test day at ADA. If you have questions about this course, please email us

Thank you for choosing ADA!