1. When do I have to take Driver Education? When do I register?
You should get your permit at the DMV and then immediately start thinking about the driver education process. In SC, all 15 & 16 year olds MUST complete a driver education course, be enrolled in school, & complete 40 hours behind the wheel with a licensed driver 21 years or older with 10 of those hours being after dark. Once those 3 requirements are met then they can take their road test either at the DMV or with a licensed 3rd Party Tester like Aiken Driving Academy. Driver ed consists of two parts…..classroom & behind the wheel. Our suggestion is that when you get your permit (pass written test at DMV) then practice until the student has at least 25-30 of those required 40 hours under their belt, then enroll them into driver education. This should be around the 90 day mark leaving you with another 90 days to complete the driver ed requirement if that long is needed. You do not need a permit to take the driver ed classroom portion, but will need it to complete the behind the wheel training. Registration at ADA is done online and is has simple as checking your dates on the Class Schedule Page then going to the Sign Up Page and filling out the one page form.

2. When can my teen driver take the driving test?
All “new” drivers in SC must wait 180 days (6 months) before being eligible to take the road test. If they’re in the GDL (15 or 16 yoa) then they must also meet the three requirements shown in Q1 before testing. ADA is a 3rd party testing location therefore you can choose to test with us for a fee or you may still choose to test at a DMV location at no charge. ADA has several packages that include testing. Please see the Course Description page for driver ed packages offered.

3. What is the state requirement for driver education?
Driver ed in SC is 8 hours of classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel. The classroom is done in one day & then the student completes either 2/3 hour sessions or 3/2 hour sessions up to 6 hours max.

4. When can I take the road test at the DMV OR at Aiken Driving Academy?
Any new driver regardless of age can attempt to take their road proficiency test after waiting 180 days from the date their permit was issued. A new driver can attempt that test at any DMV Branch Office or at a 3rd Party Testing location like ADA. The 180 days is a MINIMUM waiting period.

5. What do I need when I go to the DMV to take my road test?
ADA will provide you with all your test documents sealed in a green envelope to take to the DMV. If you’re under 17, you’ll need a signed PDLA verifying that you’ve completed driver ed, driven 40 hours, & are enrolled in school not suspended or expelled. Along with your permit, that’s all you’ll need if testing with ADA. If you’re testing at the DMV 1st attempt under age 17, you’ll need your PDLA signed (just like with ADA above) and your permit. For those 17 yoa or older, you just need your permit at either location.

6. How much will my license cost when I pass the road test?
When you pass your road test, you will be issued a new driver license. If you’re under 17 you will receive a 5 year license ($12.50) and 17+ you will receive a 10 year license ($25).

7. Do I have any recourse against a driving school if my student fails the road test?
NO! Driver ed through any training school in SC clearly states in your contract (you sign at registration) that they are not responsible for any student’s success or failure on their road test. . However, Aiken Driving Academy will provide feedback after each driving session to the parents on what was taught and how the student performed. This feedback will ensure that everyone is on the same page moving forward and to minimize unrealistic expectations. ADA will also go over your road test regardless if you pass or fail so that you’ll know what you need to work on moving forward. The DMV will not go over the test with you….they will advise you that you passed or failed.

8. Under what circumstances would I be eligible for a refund?
As of June 1, 2017 ADA implemented a no refund policy. However, by law if ADA is at fault for not providing a service that you are contracted to receive then the Owner will determine the amount to be refunded on a case by case basis. If you change your mind on after registering for our program, move away, your teen decides they don’t want to drive right now, etc. Then we do not issue refunds. Our refund policy is posted on our Sign Up page as well prior to you submitting your payment information.

Thank you again for choosing Aiken Driving Academy!