Welcome To ADA!

COVID 19 Closure Updates. ADA Resumes Normal Operations May 2nd.

If you had an appointment that was affected by the COVID 19 closure, please email aikendrivingacademy@gmail.com and we will gladly send you your new/rescheduled appointment(s). You may also click on the COVID 19 tab. If you’re a new customer looking to register, please click on Sign Up and choose your start date. Operations are back to normal, but due to the closure, finish times have been affected as we essentially lost April. However, we’ve added Instructors and we have two vehicles operating Mon – Sat to help catch up on driving appointments.

These have been some unprecedented times and I want to personally thank all our students & parents for their patience throughout this shut down which was done to protect our staff and you, the customer. As we re-open and begin to operate in close quarters again, please remember to email me if you have any questions or concerns about moving forward at this time. Iā€™m happy to reschedule anyone who feels May is to early to restart.

Thank you for choosing ADA!