New Class Dates Available Now!

*Tuition increase of $25 begins August 1, 2019. With the new rate, ADA will again administer the SC Road Test included in the price. Tuition increase & testing begins with any class registered for after August 1, 2019. $300 course + $75 test + $25 increase = $400

To register for driver ed or defensive driving click on the Sign Up tab! Your tuition balance is now due on the class date & not all up front when you register. However, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to register and reserve your seat.. Deposits maybe transferred to future dates, but never refunded. You driver ed balance will then be $200 ($300 after Aug 1st) on class date made payable in cash. Defensive Driving is $150 & after the deposit, a $50 cash balance is owed on your class date. Defensive driving is held on the same date(s) as our driver ed classroom sessions & is only for those who have a license and need for court or insurance discount. Please click on the course you are interested in for more information. Defensive Driving here at ADA is NOT a Point Reduction Course. We recommend you contact Aiken Tech for point reduction.

Dates available on the Sign Up page. Please note that June 15th was the last class you could take that we guarantee you’d be ready to drive to school on August 19th. July 13th will be close, but any of our class dates after July 13th, there will be no chance to be done by school if that’s your personal deadline. These dates will fill up, plan ahead.

Please do not register for driver ed or defensive driving until you have gone to the respective tabs and read what the course offers and if it is the right one for you. 15/16 years olds MUST take driver ed, it is your only option. Any questions, please email us at

When you’re ready to register simply click on Sign Up!

Thank you for choosing Aiken Driving Academy!