Wait To Register …. Wait to Drive!

Wait To Register ….. Wait To Drive! Simply put, when you register, we schedule your driving sessions in the order your registration is received. Therefore, if you wait until right before a class date to register, then there is likely going to be 30+ students ahead of you. We will only be offering one classroom date per month in 2021, so plan ahead, register early, finish when you want to.

Please don’t register without reading the Driver Ed or Defensive Driving pages prior to registering as they have all the information you need pertaining to the course you need. Driver ed is for those with permits and Defensive Driving is for those with a driver’s license needing an insurance discount or our required by a court to take a 8 hour defensive driving class to receive help on a citation. ADA does NOT offer a point reduction class and recommends you contact Aiken Technical College for that class specifically.

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