Summer Is Here! New Registration Process Effective May 18th

As we come out of our COVID 19 closure, please email us if you had a April or early May appointment to see where you were rescheduled.

As we move into our busiest time of the year, you’ll need to plan ahead as our classes fill quickly. Effective May 18, 2020, you’re credit card will now be charged the full amount of our driver ed + test package – $400 vs just the $100 deposit. $100 of the $400 is considered the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, but can be transferred if the class you chose needs to be changed. This is to save time on class day as we typically have larger classes this time of the year and it takes much longer to sign students in when parents are paying with credit cards, so by paying up front all you’ll have to do is sign your student in and drop them off. If you choose NOT to test at ADA and test at the DMV, then you will be refunded the test fee of $75 at the end of the course and no test date is scheduled. We test 98.7% of our students, so the majority are testing at ADA already, so this $400 up front charge for the course and test is what parents are paying anyway and this will save everyone time and add convenience to the process.

Thank You For Choosing ADA!