Summer Is Here!

As we come out of our COVID 19 closure, please note that driving times are backed up around 6-7 weeks on average. This means you’re likely to finish the program 6-8 weeks from the class date, so getting registered early so we can schedule those drives is most helpful. Waiting to register and take the class means waiting to receive your driving schedule. We like to be transparent, so if you’re in a rush, ADA is probably not the place for you right now, but if you’re interested in great training and high odds you’ll pass your road test, then we are your place!

As we move into our busiest time of the year, classes are now virtual via Zoom so we can accommodate more students and not have to cut classes off to maintain social distancing. Choosing ADA means you’re ready for a quality training environment that will have your student driver prepared for test day. We can’t guarantee they’ll pass, but we do have a 98.6% pass rate on the first attempt, so their odds are good.

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